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Gov. Palin: Other nations take advantage because Obama doesn’t understand concept of peace through strength

5 Mar

Sarah Palin Information Blog

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Governor Palin talked with Hannity last night about the Ukraine crisis.  Here is Tony Lee’s excellent writeup on

Sarah Palin: Weak Obama Has Emboldened Putin

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was mocked in 2008 for warning that Russia’a Vladimir Putin may invade Ukraine if Barack Obama were elected President, and the former GOP vice presidential nominee on Monday said that President Barack Obama’s weakness has emboldened Putin and perhaps even the Chinese.

Appearing on Fox News’s Hannity, Palin said that the world looks at Putin as someone who wrestles bears and drills for oil while it views Obama as a weak president who wears “mom jeans” and “equivocates and bloviates.”

“Anyone who carries the commonsense gene would know that Putin doesn’t change his stripes,” Palin said. “He harkens back to the era of the czars……

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5 Aug

No Left Turnz Thought of the Day

At an early point in what was to be called the “Iran Contra Scandal”, members of the Reagan administration had considered invoking “executive privilege” in order to protect information and documents that would be detrimental to the president. All parties within the administration vetoed the idea as they said that it was cause a firestorm within the media.. Mind you, even at this point decades ago, the “impartial” media was well on its way to the complete “impartiality” towards the Hammer and Sickle Democratic Party that it wears on its vest as a badge of honor today..

Now we move to one of the OWEbama scandals, the “Fast and Furious” scandal. OWEbama and his administration quickly invoked “executive privilege” KNOWING that there would be NO similar Iran Contra Scandal “firestorm within the media”, as was precisely the case..

It is a “Tale of Two Cities”, Washington then versus Washington now…

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20 Mar

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